The “Maker Movement” makes economic sense for Rockland!

The “Maker Movement” makes economic sense for Rockland! REDC is pleased to have supported Rockland’s amazing craft beverage entrepreneurs.  In fact, a Rockland-based group of homebrewers called Counter Current Brewing Company, just contacted us to explore opportunities here.  We are excited to be partnering with the industry on developing new concepts such as a “Rockland…

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REDC Partners in RCC’s Middle Skills Academy Initiative

Rockland Leaders Program

REDC is excited to partner with fellow Rockland leaders in RCC President Baston’s Middle Skills Academy initiative which aims to align expeditious but rigorous academic training with employer skill and position demands.  Facilitating such education-to-business connections will greatly assist business retention, expansion and recruitment efforts, especially in fast-growing sectors like healthcare, technology and renewable energy.…

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REDC partners with Rockland P.L.U.S

Rockland Plus Event

Rockland P.L.U.S. (Planning Land Use with Students) is a program for high school students to make connections to real-world planning issues and decisions, share their ideas and vision with their peers and mentors, and learn more about careers and their own leadership potential and strengths. This is a collaborative partnership of Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth…

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2017 Economic Development Awards Luncheon

REDC Awards

Thanks to everyone in attendance with a special mention to our honorees: Service Provider of the Year: Rockland County YMCA Transformational Award: 1547 Critical Systems Realty Manufacturer of the Year: Caribbean Food Delight Entrepreneur of the Year: Robin E. Rosenburg Learn More

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Rockland scores #1 as the healthiest of 62 counties across the state!


A healthy economy contributes to a healthy community which is what REDC strives to promote. Our mission in brief is to stimulate the local economy by fostering a healthy environment for business to succeed and grow, thereby improving the quality of life in Rockland. The #1 ranking further demonstrates the strength of Rockland’s “Eds &…

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