Muffetta Enterprises Inc.

I had my first meeting with REDC PTAC in February of 2015. On our first meeting, I learned what PTAC does and how it could help my company. The consultation was very informative and I walked away feeling empowered. In 2016, I restructured my business model and moved by business headquarters to Orange County. I immediately reached out to PTAC and reconnected with Lin to continue to build on what was started before. Lin advised me on the benefits of being certified as an MWBE and was an integral part of the process. Lin sat with me a few times to review my application and made the necessary corrections and provided me with informed advice. It was also through PTAC that I learned I should apply for certification from Port Authority of NY and NJ and NYC and to submit the addendums at that time. Our application was submitted but was taking a while for approval. Muffetta Enterprises had a significant opportunity to secure a contract with Kiewit Construction but we needed the certification. Lin guided us on how to be proactive and made some calls to see where our application was in relation to the process. We immediately saw progress, received our certification and secured the contract with Kiewit.  Lin’s advice, assistance and guidance was a very big part of Muffetta Enterprises Inc’s success in securing our NYS, NYC, Port Authority of NYNJ MBE and WBE certifications.

Solely focused on assisting small businesses navigate government contracting, the PTAC program provides resources unlike any other program in the area. Having REDC PTAC in our corner will help small businesses succeed!